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As dog lovers, we are particularly excited about these kennels that house rescue dogs and K9s. Built by Sheriff’s Deputy Wine of the K9 Unit at his Virginia home, one kennel is for his personal dogs, including five rescues, one former K9 he adopted when the dog retired, and an active K9 who rides with Deputy Wine on duty. The second kennel is for boarding the department’s active K9s.

While Deputy Wine is a seasoned law enforcement officer, he is the first to admit he has no experience with construction; that’s why he chose ONDURA sheets for his kennel roofs. “I built both kennels myself, with no help, after watching YouTube videos, and my research indicated ONDURA is the easiest roofing material to install,” shares Dep. Wine. “The roof was definitely the easiest part of the project, because ONDURA is lightweight and easy to carry and manipulate. I was also able to cut it with only a razor blade and straight edge. I was super-pleased with how fast and easy the installation was, and I am very proud to say I did it right the first time and the roof looks great and doesn’t leak. Now all my dogs are protected from the elements: sun, rain and snow.” Job well-done, Deputy Wine!

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