ONDUVILLA Shingles 1 Pack of 10 Shingles - Classic Red

$ 49.00

    • Description

      ONDUVILLA is the attractive alternative to shingles. Enhance and protect your home with an ONDUVILLA roofing system. With over 70 years of industry experience, ONDUVILLA delivers superior weather protection and wind resistance compared to traditional shingles.  When professionally installed, your ONDUVILLA roofing system will withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour, guaranteed. They can be installed over your current roof. This product is lightweight and easy to cut.

      • Lifetime limited warranty, resists corrosion and cracking
      • Exclusive Seal Smart technology ensures that composite shrinks around each nail, creating a leak-resistant barrier
      • Great for re-roofing - can be applied over up to 2 layers of existing shingles, no need for tear offs means less labor and expense, plus less burden on landfills
      • High wind resistance withstands winds up to 150 MPH.
      • Shingles are light weight and the overlap is only 26%. 
      • Watch the video below:


    • Specifications
      • 1 Pack of 10 Shingles
      • Dimensions (per Shingle): 42" x 16" x 1.6"
      • Overlap: 3.5" (follow overlapping guides on shingles)
      • Coverage Area
        • Per Shingle: 3.33 sq ft
        • Per Pack: 33.3 sq ft
      • 1 Box of Screws Required per every 10 Shingles. 55 Screws Per Box. 5 Screws Per Shingle
        • Click Here to view our matching screws for your project 

    Example of a Classic Red Roof

    Watch this video to get started