ONDUVILLA Screw Box 55pk - Siena Brown

$ 10.00


These screws with EPDM washers are for use with the ONDUVILLA roofing system. The low-profile, #2 Philips head and washer are powder coated in complimentary colors. Screws are packaged 55 or 1500 per box for all size projects. Estimate 55 screws per 10 pack of shingles when planning your project.

  • Preferred fastener of choice for professionals and contractors
  • Causes less fatigue on the user and are easier and faster to install than nails
  • Use of screws allows the user to make any adjustments as needed (tightening/loosening)
  • Powder coated with UV resistant color
  • Low profile #2 Philips head



  • EPDM Washer
  • Length: 2.87" (73 mm)
  • Constructed of: zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Quantity: 55 Screws- Also available in larger quantities

Example of a Siena Brown Roof


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