Onduline Flashing Band - Black

$ 35.00


ONDULINE Flashing Band is flexible aluminum tape with a Butyl adhesive backing. It can be used in multiple applications. For example, around chimneys, along ridges and hips and anywhere else you need a watertight seal on your roof. In addition, our flashing tape can stretch up to 25% wider.

  • No special tools required - unlike metal flashing.
  • Easy to install - can be adjusted and repositioned until adhesive sets.
  • Butyl adhesive ensures uncompromising and long-lasting sticking power
  • UV resistant coating



  • Dimensions: 98 inches by 11.75 inches.
  • Color: Black
  • Can be installed at low temperatures (as low as 41 F)
  • No Fasteners needed

Example of a Ebony Black Roof

Watch this video to get started